Who is not afraid of a davil, can enter our shop and see Kate. Fairy tale or a dream, the reason for astablishing our shop, carries a name of a traditional czech fairy tale.

Lucius, who guards our shop, is part of thousands of photographs when people from all walks of lives bring into their homes across the world as part of their Krumlov experience. Lucius is a child of (as well as the banner above the doors and the little devil within the store) one master puppet maker and wood carver Mr. Jan Danek. To him and to all the other craftsman whom we are so pleased to introduce their products to you, make each and everyday joyful for us.

Thanks to all these wonderful people, who do their work with love, we are able to decorate our shop with slogan – little corner of the world where human hand created a fairy tale.

We are expanding our inverntory (stock) which already includes items such as puppets, little cases, jewellery, wooden toys, historical glass, pictures, ceramics, teas …….

We are looking forward to your visit.